What is Distance Reiki?

I begin from an understanding that wherever we are, we are here. Though each of our ‘heres’ may be very different, we all have the same sensation of locating ourselves. It is the same way with “now.” This is how I ‘locate’ the Reiki energy, and how I tune into our connectedness, even across vast distances.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for deep relaxation and restoration. Rei and Ki may be translated as “spiritually guided life-force energy.” Like Prana or Chi, it is based on the idea that life force energy flows through and around us, and when that energy is low, we are susceptible to emotional stress and illness. In restoring this energy, Reiki restores the balance necessary to promote wellness. Like magnetism or electricity, it does this by effecting a connection between two bodies, whether they person, pet or plant, as all lifeforms on earth may be described as electromagnetic organisms. Like radio or data transmissions however, these two bodies need not be in proximity to each other.

Reiki’s particular value is that it is a gentle and non-invasive energy that supports health and healing. Often when I am near someone, or learn of their distress, my hands will start tingling of their own accord. If they are open to receiving the energy, great. If they are not into it, the sensations go away. This will also happen with pets, animals and plants. Pets are often very willing to accept the Reiki energy, usually only requiring a few moments of clear energy flow before moving on. Plants also respond well —meaning there is an instant draw— especially during difficult times of transplanting, trauma, or at germination. It is interesting how different the energy may feel from one species of seed to another. Reiki is a method of attunement to the subtle bodies of beings in many forms.

Reiki energy stimulates the body’s own energetic systems, helping to release tension and blockages that may be obstructing energetic flow and causing imbalances such as physical illness, pain and other health issues.  For instance, when treating a headache, the energy will go to the cause of the headache as well as the effect.  If the headache is caused by an intestinal imbalance, the energy will go to the intestinal disturbance as well as to the headache pain.  It essentially sets up the body to heal itself and assists with healing on all levels according to what the body needs, whether physical, emotional or spiritual. In this way, Reiki rebalances the whole person.

It is with distance healing —that had seemed to me like the outer reaches of possibility— that it now becomes apparent that Reiki can really be of help. A Reiki Distance session is easier on a recipient because it does not require travel, being in another’s presence, nor even to meditate or think in a particular way.

The energy may feel like a warm bath, like a hug from a friend, like sun on your skin, or like a refreshing nap. It can vary in sensation from subtle tingling to feelings of warmth or pressure or heaviness. This might vary, changing slowly or rising and falling in intensity. Occasionally, sensations may become intense for a moment, but breathing in to them is helpful, and they pass, enabling a deeper sense of peacefulness to be revealed.

You may be in a hospital room, in your bed before sleep, on your couch taking a break in your day. You are free to rest, to relax, to feel better on your own terms, in whatever capacity you need in that moment.

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Header image thanks to Marc Legare