Distance Reiki is available in three packages: intro, tune up and deep focus.

You can book an introductory session, a one-off as needed or purchase a package in advance.


A free 20minute introductory session. Experience distance Reiki for yourself, and decide if it would be helpful for you.

More information may be found here.


A one-time Reiki session to rebalance, relax and renew. A full hour to rebalance what is off-kilter, or ninety minutes to allow for deep rejuvenation of your emotional, mental and physical well-being.



A series of treatments for support during difficult times, or intensive treatments. Reiki does not diagnose or cure illness or injury, but is a great complement to medical treatment, and helps speed healing and recovery.



“I’m reposting this today because I did a session this evening and I am amazed and impressed. I had an absolutely rotten night last night and today I was a hot mess: exhausted, anxious, wallowing in imposter syndrome, and suffering from an intense pain in my shoulder. When the session began I was a little confused, she prepped me via text, made suggestions for how to receive, made music suggestions if I wanted, and then told me she was ready to begin. It seemed kind of weird, but I lay down as she suggested and tried to breathe slow and deep. For the first ~20 minutes I was restless and the pain in my shoulder was very distracting, but at some point I settled into it, without even really intending to, I curled up tightly into fetal position and gradually let go of my pain, and the hum of anxiety that has dogged me for days. From there it seemed like a blink until the hour was up and she was texting me after care suggestions. I have no idea how this works, but for me it did and I am so grateful to Flower Marie Lunn for this therapy. I am reposting in detail, not only because I want her practice to thrive, but also because I feel like I know a lot of people who are feeling adrift right now — maybe you were seeing a wellness practitioner before and has to stop because of covid-19, or you are just dealing with more stress and anxiety and don’t have an outlet — I strongly urge you to contact my friend, or find your own distance reiki practitioner, and take advantage of this safe, remote wellness support.”

Rebecca S., Seattle 05/2020

“Flower’s practice felt hugely supportive and calming. I found that the sessions felt like they were returning energy and shape to my body, and this in turn helped me to support my growing infant. She was particularly attuned to the complexity of bodily experiences of illness and risk, and made helpful observations that allowed me to frame the experience in a different light. Overall, I’m very grateful for her practice and her care.”

Krista L., Montreal 06/2015

“I still feel like the treatment you gave me was the most profound healing I had throughout this past challenging month.. The day after your distance treatment was the most active day I have had since Dec 23rd, AND the first day I didn’t have to take any medication!”

Michelle S. , Toronto 02/2015

It is the perfect time to rest, to lighten, to feel better, right where you are.