Deep Focus

For deeper health concerns, regular sessions for a time offer maximum benefit, to support a you during a healing process.

Palliative care or chronic pain are both areas in which the gentle, supportive energies of Reiki really shines. Chemotherapy, dialysis, and surgery are some examples of medical treatments or processes that may be assisted concurrently, or afterwards to ensure an easier recovery.

To support fertility treatments or pregnancy, regular sessions are recommended until pregnancy or childbirth is achieved. Reiki during postpartum recovery is of fantastic benefit and helps with deepening the quality of the sleep a new mother is able to get.

A individual session is $45 for an hour, or $65 for 90 minutes, whereas a package of three sessions is $120 or $160 respectively.

Contact me with your preferred times and I will get back to you. A short chat by phone or video chat is in this case helpful to describe the situation and to set schedule and focus of the sessions.

Payment may be made through Paypal or etransfer after booking the session. A pdf receipt is emailed after the session.

Reiki assists the body in releasing accumulated toxins, so it is a good idea to drink more water than usual to aid in this release, and mitigate a “healing crisis” or a brief period of being unwell after a treatment, as your body lets go of old stuff.  This passes, and is a sign that the Reiki is working, and everything is coming into balance. Gentle stretching, yoga or other light exercise after waking is also a great way to move the energy and speed recovery.