If you are new to Reiki, or not sure if the treatment is right for you, you are welcome to try it for free.

Contact me and we can set up a time, over email, phone or video chat. I will give you 20 minutes of Reiki energy so you can experience it for yourself.

It is best to schedule a time when you can rest uninterrupted for the session, plus a few minutes afterwards for a gentle return to your day.

Have a glass of water at hand and music if you like to help with focus during the session. This could be your own, or one I suggest on youtube or other music player. You also might like to have in view a family photo or helpful talisman to support a sense of loving-kindness toward yourself as you are right now. Also useful is a notebook for jotting down any insights or thoughts you may have had during the session.

If you are scheduling an intro session on behalf of another, do your best to inform them and make sure they are able to consent to it. Though Reiki is a gentle energy, if also may bring about intense sensations. Though often fleeting, and more common in prolonged and deeper sessions, if can be uncomfortable for someone who does not expect it. Also being able to choose is an important part of our well-being.