A one-off session is perfect for times when you need to regain your equilibrium. The gentle and profound energies of Reiki can be very helpful when undergoing a life event, recent trauma or injury, or when feeling unwell or unlike your usual self.

An intention to relax, to feel better, is all that is required as your body slowly regains its subtle balance. Some may even fall asleep, and wake at the end of the session feeling energized and refreshed. Either way the benefits of Reiki occur.

A session is $45 for an hour, or $65 for ninety minutes. You may book one by emailing your preferred times and I will get back to you directly. A short chat by phone or video chat may be helpful to describe the situation and to set the focus of the session, but it is up to you; it is not necessary as the Reiki flows to wherever there is imbalance.

Payment may be made through Paypal or etransfer after booking the session. Receipt emailed after the session.