Reiki and Motherhood; My Story

I have been a Reiki practitioner since 1997.  While traveling in India in my youth I sought out a method of healing and coping with persistent health problems that were exasperated by frequent illness.  Reiki energy was indispensable for dealing with the day-to-day stresses of shoestring travel, and helped me to recover my physical strength and equilibrium.  

Some ten years later the death of my mother lead me to deepen my training and explore further aspects of mental and emotional healing with Reiki energies and distance healing techniques.  It became a powerful tool to strengthen my sense of connection with family and friends, pets, plants and the world around me. 

More recently I became a mother at 40, after a long-sought pregnancy that was not complicated, but was physically challenging.  Nausea, fatigue and insomnia and a physically demanding job meant my energies felt continually maxed out. This is when I came to depend on Reiki, and to profoundly experience its many benefits.  The deep relaxation particularly helped with stress, anxiety about loss and the physical discomfort that was keeping me from sleeping.  Its tingling warmth and feelings of everything being set to rights enabled a deep sense of connectedness with my baby and motherhood throughout time.  I also believe the Reiki helped to speed recovery from a post-delivery uterine haemmorhage.

Since this journey I have found that increasing numbers of women around me are struggling with fertility issues and pregnancy complications as many of us are having children later in life. The demands of childcare, particularly chronic lack of sleep can also be more physically taxing for the older mom.  

This has since been a focus of my Reiki practice, to help other moms and women regain a sense of ease and wholeness, free of pain, stress or anxiety.  So we can focus on what we love, and share in the deep peace and joy of being alive.

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