I am launching this website near the end of the pandemic of 2020. I say that with all hope that it will be true, rather than merely the end of the first wave of infections. I live in Quebec, the worst-hit province in Canada. Montréal is still in the grips of the pandemic, as there are many care-homes, hospitals and care workers that have been affected.

Here, however, it is a sunny day, the first after a slew of cold and snowy (!) days. Stores are tentatively opening and services and schools are restarting, although very differently than before.

We have been scheduled to build a house this spring, but have been sidelined as we have waited for reports and permits from offices closed or reduced in capacity. The planning, contracting and preparing stages that had been so consuming, is nearly done. Everything is on pause as we wait and wait some more. There is no way I wish others to be put in a vulnerable position at all when returning to work, but the waiting and uncertainty, as we all know, is hard.

This has given me the time (when not homeschooling, though in truth that did not last long) to work on this website. After many years of thinking about it, there is finally time. The irony is that while the social distancing measures make practices like distance Reiki a great way to support people dealing with illness, loneliness and emotional strain, it may be taken as a wish to profit off the virus.

I do wish to be compensated for my time and training, and I have also given many free sessions over the years. My experience with that is if it is a friend or family, it tends to affect the relationship in at times awkward ways. Do not get me wrong; I am overjoyed to help those that I care about. However, I also want people to choose Reiki distance sessions as part of their own path toward healing and radiant health on their own terms. That, I believe is a core part of health and an empowered, balanced life.

The wish to attract paying clients, however, is dwarfed by my wish to help people struggling with the crisis. The fear, isolation, and psychological tension is something that the gentle energies of Reiki can help alleviate. Symptoms of the illness, low energy and interrupted sleep can can be mitigated with remote Reiki sessions.

What can I say? I am here to help. Not, here, per se, but here. My rates are reasonable. I will also accept pay-what-you-can, particularly if you are in crisis because of the virus, or lockdown measures. For as long as it lasts.

Peace to you.

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