For the most part, I prefer silence when giving a Reiki session. Though I am fortunate to live in a relatively quiet place, I find music can easily become overbearing or a distraction from the subtle focus necessary for remote treatments. The simple act of being alive to the present moment is enough.

But sometimes that is more of a challenge. If one lives on a busy road, has loud neighbours, or a mind that will not seem to settle, music can be an excellent aid to focus or set the tone for a session (especially if listened to with quality noise-cancelling headphones.)

What then to listen to? There is a panopoly of tranquil music for yoga or spa, wellness or study. The sound of the ocean, of pan flutes (remember those?), of eastern chants, or gentle downbeats; the choice is staggering. Old standards I have enjoyed include WAH!’s Savasana, Jonathan Goldman’s Chakra Chants, or Geshe Kunkan’s Chanting of the Heart Sutra.

But lately the one I return to, over and over again is Marconi Union’s Weightless (10hour edition). Created in collaboration with the British Institute for Sound Therapy, it has been proven to reduce anxiety before surgery, used by parents to get their babies to sleep, and has been accompanied by a warning not to drive while listening. I have found it enormously helpful, though it is something of a spell, and the beat can be a little too present for deep energetic work. This I have turned to for help with tasks, to avoid anxiety and loneliness, and to block out distractions.

The designed music section of youtube offers a wealth of choice created to help with the above list, and to sleep… One example I have bookmarked is Meditative Mind’s “Wipe Out All the Negative Energy(417Hz)┇Erase Subconscious Negative Patterns Music“. Whether or not one believes that sounds at 417Htz will bring about change and freedom from past influences, this video and soundtrack feels very similar to the experience of giving and receiving Reiki.

For a Reiki session, however, part of my preparation is to find some music that might work for you. Simple, unobtrusive and calming is really the only criteria, and I am happy to suggest music on youtube (by the musician or author’s channel, preferably) or streaming services to play during a session. If bandwidth is not an issue, a session over video chat may be accompanied by music I play in the background, again if that is preferred.

However, one of the best suggestions I have come across is from Colleen Benelli, a widely-known Reiki teacher, who asks you to “listen for the quietest sound you can hear.” Something of a practice in itself, it trains the mind to focus on the sensation of hearing, rather than the sounds, which is a marvellous way in to the power of the Reiki energy. A marvellous way into the core of your own being. There you might find there is music there, whether heard of felt, or both.

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